Rent A Car in London With A Shofer Driver Rent A Car in London With A Shofer Driver

Eight pointers you should know to rent a car in London with a driver

Imagine gazing at picturesque Leeds castle, traversing the sunny shores of Mersea island, or driving to New Forest, unravelling the dappled lanes and heaths. The road trip to London will enhance the life experience if you get wheels, wanderlust, and time. 

The classic hire car in London provides freedom and convenience while visiting London. Travel at your own pace, savouring the local cuisines, and discover places that are hard to reach through public transportation. 

Renting a car in London may sound simple, but it is not. It would help if you kept some pointers in mind to rent a car with a driver. It will help if you read the article to rent a car and make your travel stress-free.

Busy cities are making it a hassle. London city has an irresistible charm, but it becomes a nightmare when we talk about driving through the bustling city. Traffic will become terrible sometimes, and streets will need to be clarified. 

However, parking has become expensive in London. So, renting a car in London with a driver is an excellent option to explore the countryside. 

Extra charges for added ones and young drivers

Many car rental companies need you to be more than 21 Years old before renting a luxury car. If you are not the age of 20, you have to pay an additional fee per day because young drivers are considered a liability. 

On the other hand, if you want to consist the additional driver, they must have a driver’s license and must be the age 21 years. For this, extra fees are charged every day with a different driver. Such costs must take into important consideration while renting luxury cars. 

Have you any international driver’s licenses?

If you are visiting internationally and hold a driver’s license, it usually needs to be considered a valid vintage car hire in London. However, travellers from different countries may require an IDP ( international driving permit) and a driver’s license. Getting this is not so costly but adds expense and hassle. 

However, driving the car without holding the IDP may not be approved. 

The total km you drive matters.

Unless the agreement of luxury car rental mentions unlimited kilometres, you can quickly drive for limited distances, usually less than 250km, every day. If you drive the car for more than the allowance of daily kilometres, you have to pay hefty time. 

So, if you want to visit many places, you must cross-check the car rental agreement in London. 

Should you purchase car rental insurance?

It is one of the big dilemmas when renting a car in London with a driver. Usually, car rental companies provide a basic collision drainage waiver that offers particular coverage. 

The car rental company holds some amount on your credit card as a security deposit unless the car return is undamaged. It is suggested to check whether your existing travel credit card or insurance consists the car rental insurance. It can save you money and hassles buying new insurance in London at a hefty price. 

Consider the extra cost.

Some top car rental companies discuss the upfront costs, whereas some keep this cost hidden until the last offers. To avoid such last minutes offers, you should check adequately where the additional fees are charged. 

  • Adding more drivers than one
  • Premium locations consist the picking up vehicles in various locations than where you picked up. 
  • GPS unit, Gas, and add-on facilities other like satellite radio, car seat, toll taxes, etc 
  • Insurance and theft protection 
  • Taxes that are 10-30% of the base price

Book early to get lower prices.

If you want the best car rental deals, plan your itinerary and book it before the vacation. Many 
hire classic cars in London provide attractive discounts on early bookings. If booked early, you can easily save money while buying the collision damage waiver and paying the upfront cost. 

But ensure that you can cancel or reschedule with a full refund. This will allow you to get better deals and last minutes purchase offers. 

Know when you refuel the car.

It is a quick tip that helps you avoid the additional charges of many vintage car hire London companies even if the gas meter is below full. Refuel your car when you are nearly 10 miles from your destination. It will not cause the gas meter to drop rapidly. Ensure to save the receipt as proof. 


With all the above essential tips, be confident and prepared when renting luxury cars in London. Knowing all the guidance helps you pick the right luxury hire company, ensure safety, and avoid unnecessary costs.

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