BMW Chauffeur Car Hire in London,UK BMW Chauffeur Car Hire in London,UK


For BMW Chauffeur Car Hire in London, UK, M25 Chauffeurs UK offers the magnificent 7 Series. German engineering at its finest makes the BMW 7 Series the vehicle of choice whether you are just in London for the day or want to spend a week or more discovering the English countryside.

The long wheelbase 7 Series also makes a great wedding car with its extra wide rear doors.


The interior of the BMW 7 Series is of top quality leather and wood veneer panels. Rear seat entertainment is by Bose and features everything you could wish for. Radio, TV, DVD, internet and more are available as standard. Digital headphones ensure undisturbed sound reproduction. Connect with your smartphone and you can send emails and do dictation in the car.



Fitted with four wheel disc brakes and ABS, rear head air bags, brake assist, traction control, electronic stability control, child safety locks and more, the 7 Series is about as safe as you can possibly get on the road.


Wedding Hire

The chauffeur driven BMW 7 Series in white makes for a glorious wedding car. The eight speed automatic gearbox means that the bride and groom will hardly notice gear changes in the rear and arrive at the ceremony in comfort and style on their special day. The long wheelbase means that the rear doors are wide enabling the bride to enter and exit the car in comfort, even with a long train.