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Calling All PCO Cab Drivers: Full and Part-Time Positions Available at M25 Chauffeurs Ltd

As M25 Chauffeurs Ltd continues to grow, we are actively seeking dedicated PCO cab drivers to join our vibrant team. Our operations span across all London airports and throughout the city, offering a wealth of opportunities for drivers based in any location.

With an expected surge in demand from the end of May through October, we are particularly interested in drivers who are committed to a long-term collaboration. It is essential that applicants are available to work during weekends, as these are our busiest service days.

Applicants should have at least one year of experience driving in London and own a vehicle no more than five years old. We welcome drivers with:

• Saloon

• Estate


• MPV5/6/7

• 8-seater

Please note that we do not provide vehicles for rent.

Why Choose M25 Chauffeurs Ltd?

Professional Chauffeur Service

Professional Chauffeur Service

By joining our team, you stand to earn weekly invoices ranging from £1500 to £1800, provided you commit to working six days a week, including weekends.

Our services primarily include long-distance journeys, airport transfers, port transfers, and executive work. We do not handle local or short transfers. A standard weekly app charge of £15.00 applies, along with a set commission/fees on each job launched.

All job-related expenses, such as airport parking and toll fees, are factored into the job costs and will be refunded in your invoice. Our professional driver app, inclusive of international customer calls, is also available to all our drivers.

The majority of our jobs are card and account-based, eliminating the concern over “no-shows”. We do not accommodate payment preferences and will terminate collaborations if drivers seek cash-only work.

How to Apply?

To express your interest, please email us to schedule an interview. Applicants must present all original PCO-related documents, allow for a vehicle inspection, and have no more than three points on their driving license. Accepted applications will receive introductory training on the same day.

We kindly request only serious drivers to apply.

Due to the high volume of applications, please email your details, which should include:

• Your name

• Your phone number

• The type of car you drive + plate year

• A brief self-introduction and your motivation to join our team

We eagerly await your application and look forward to welcoming you to the M25 Chauffeurs Ltd family!

Join Our Esteemed Team of Chauffeur Drivers at M25 Chauffeurs Ltd

M25 Chauffeurs Ltd is seeking professional chauffeur drivers to join our award-winning team. With flexible shift options available – morning, afternoon, or night (subject to availability) – we provide an accommodating work schedule that suits your needs.

What We Expect from You

Fluency in English

Superior customer service skills

High uniform standards

Understanding and practice of good hygiene and cleanliness

Well-groomed presentation

Positive attitude

Safe and smooth driving skills

Possession of a suitable vehicle or willingness to use company cars

Security deposit

The Purpose of the Security Deposit

Given the volume of cash jobs at M25 Chauffeurs Ltd, it’s not uncommon for drivers to owe the company money at week’s end. The security deposit serves as a safeguard to cover any outstanding balances if a driver resigns.

Upon joining, drivers will receive company property, such as badges and name boards. The security deposit amount is £ if you have your own Android phone (payable on training day). If you prefer to use a company PDA, the deposit amount is £ (also payable on the training day). The deposit will be refunded within 14 days after your last job with our company, provided there are no outstanding balances, and all company property has been returned.

Training with M25 Chauffeurs Ltd

Our reputation for exceptional customer service is paramount. We ensure all drivers align with our service protocols to maintain this standard. Our comprehensive training includes:

Customer service excellence

Safe behaviour and driving practices

Familiarity with M25 Chauffeurs Ltd rules, regulations, and protocol

Handling challenging situations effectively

Using our technology – Driver app, card payments, etc.

Understanding service areas and airport procedures

Effective communication skills

Maximizing your income

Baby seat installation

We are catering to various client expectations: Residents, Hotels, Restaurants, Banks, etc.

Maintaining uniform and vehicle standards

Knowledge lessons

The Driver App

All jobs will be dispatched to you via our Driver App, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone or one of our company PDAs.

The Driver App enables you to:

Receive jobs

  • Add charges for VIA points and parking
  • Automatically calculate waiting charges
  • Process credit/debit card payments
  • Communicate directly with the control room
  • Log off from your shift or go on a break
  • Auto-navigate to the pickup location via the point or destination
  • Choose your preferred navigation map system
  • Send automated text messages to customers about your arrival
  • Call customers directly from your phone
  • View fare amounts
  • Choose the preferred vehicle type
  • Enter flight details for airport bookings (activates the automated flight monitoring system)
  • Choose payment method (cash or card)
  • Use multiple accounts
  • View your position on the map
  • Receive automated email receipts
  • Rate your performance

Interested applicants should send an email to info@m25chauffeur.com to express their interest. We look forward to welcoming you to our esteemed team of professionals at M25 Chauffeurs Ltd!

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