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On your wedding day, there is nothing quite like the bride arriving with her escort at the ceremony in a head-turning, stunning Mercedes-Benz.

Our Mercedes wedding car hire vehicles are available in both the E Class and S Class models, the S Class having more legroom and probably being the better choice for a bride with a long train as it makes for much easier entry and exit from the vehicle.

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Both models are available for hire in black, silver, or the very rare white. Whichever car you choose will be decorated with ribbons in the colour chosen by the bride, or they can simply be in the traditional white. Floral sprays both inside and on the car can be provided if you wish.

Your Mercedes together with your immaculate chauffeur is yours for the day. Before the ceremony, your chauffeur can run any errands such as collecting flowers from the florist. Then he will transport the bride and her escort to the ceremony in style and luxury.

After the service the bride and groom can sip complimentary champagne on ice served by a smiling chauffeur while the official photographer and the guests have as long as they wish to take photographs for the wedding album.

Our head office is located at 50 Broadway, St James, Westminster, London SW1H ORG. To contact us for Mercedes wedding car hire and choose your preferred model and colour call us on 0207 859 4109.

Alternatively, you can email us at: info@m25chauffeur.com or click on the Contact Us link above.

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