How to Get Chauffeur Jobs in London How to Get Chauffeur Jobs in London

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Getting a chauffeur driver job in London is governed by the Public carriage office ( PCO). The PCO is controlled by Transport for London. Their primary role is to implement the transport strategy and manage the transport services across the capital.

Drivers are not limited to where they can work in London, as long they can undertake the bookings made through the licensed transport operator. In order to get a chauffeur Jobs London, you must obtain a private hire driver’s license.

They have to become legal drivers by issuing licenses that meet the criteria. Before applying for a job, it is suggested to consider a large number of existing licensed hire drivers in London.

Driver licenses

If you want to get a chauffeur job and become a licensed chauffeur, then you have to obtain a driver’s license. The first step towards obtaining a driver’s license is to apply for a vehicle driver application pack.
Requirements for driver’s license

If you want to become a licensed chauffeur in London, then you have to meet the following criteria.

• You must be 21 or more 21 years at the time of applying. There is no upper age limit as long as you can fulfil the requirements of the licenses.

• You must have a driver’s license at least three years old when applying for a chauffeur Job.

• You must have the freedom to live and work in London.

• You must have good character. For this, you have to be required to undertake the enhanced criminal records.

• You must have the medical fit under the group 2 standards. It means you are undergoing a medical examination and must have a full medical history.

• You have required the topographical skill assessment from the assessment centre.

Character requirements and criminal records check

If you want to get a chauffeur job, you must have good character. To show good character, you must undertake the enhanced criminal records check from barring and disclosure service through the service provider.

Medical Fitness

A high standard of medical fitness, known as group 2 medical standards, is needed to get a driver’s license. The standards depend upon group 2 and are similar to those needed for drivers of buses, large vehicles, and coaches.
You have to prove your medical fitness by undergoing a medical examination with the group 2 standards. To the results of medical fitness tests, if poor eyesight is detected, then you are not qualified for a chauffeur job.

Topographical skill assessment

If you want to apply as a chauffeur driver, then you must have the ability to range the route finding skills such as route selection and map reading. The topographical range is demonstrated as

• Map reading ability

• Route selection( Local)

• General topography

• Route selection ( Intermediate)

• Route selection (long distance)


All the above-given information is accurate and related to the chauffeur Job. If you wish to apply for a chauffeur job, then you have to meet all the criteria given above.