All You Need To Know About The Mercedes Configurator All You Need To Know About The Mercedes Configurator

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Mercedes car Configurator gives you the latest marketing and technical data. These data help to present the Mercedes Benz car with any configuration and technical information. Through all regulatory and technical information, the emission values of individual configuration help to make a better plan and mix the smart fleet and Mercedes Benz.

Moreover, the Mercedes configurator makes the possibility to determine the vehicle with great quality images.

What is inside the car configurator

Mercedes car configurator provides you with the regulatory emission information for car models. Along with this, it also calculates and plans the emissions of Mercedes Benz and the smart fleet. It consumes the required marketing or technical data for Mercedes car models. The configurator helps you to play around with the many configuration possibilities and illustrations of it. Here are ways in which the Mercedes configurator helps

  • Access to the latest marketing and technical data
  • Single truth source for brief technical information
  • Plan and mix fleet by knowing the right WLTP values
  • Save money by automating the process

Why the car configurator is an important sale feature

A car configurator is an important feature of online core shopping and gives a valuable service to customers who use it. Here are the reasons why the Mercedes car configurator is considered a vital sale feature


The interactive content helps to gain huge engagement on the website. A Mercedes car configurator is an effective way to encourage clients not only by look but also by its engaging feature. The Mercedes configurator is engaging, and it increases the number of returns visit by the customer and make the Mercedes as dream car for people.


Customizing the car makes it more personalized for people. The customization is done by clients and reflects it directly. Making all choice for a vehicle permit the customers to feel involved in the creation process, and the final product lead to collaboration between you and your clients.

When the manufacturer makes the dream Mercedes car, then the people get a choice that is intimate. In this way, the people get the car, and it’s a feeling you can not recreate at the dealership.


Another benefit of the Mercedes configurator is that it permits customers to visualize their car completely. Choosing the paint color from the sheet is not the same as you look at in the car picture. It is according to the customization options.

It confirms that the clients get the same what they see, and it removes the hesitation and guesswork from the process. Getting the end product in the Mercedes car configurator makes it more real to clients. They look at this and know what they appear is car different to them. It makes the product more in demand. It ensures its attainability and becomes more tangible than words on screen or conversations in the dealership.


These are the above benefits of the Mercedes configurator. I hope you also understand what is inside the car configurator and what benefits it brings.