A Review of The Mercedes V Class A Review of The Mercedes V Class

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Similar to the penthouse suite in a 5-star hotel, the Mercedes V-Class is prestigious and roomy. It’s not considered MPV; it’s a VIP that is an important carrier for people. The V-Class of Mercedes has the ability to transport up to eight adults in modern-class comfort.

It is easy to drive the Mercedes V class as a normal car, and it has masses of versatility and seating. It is packed with luxury touches and safety technology, which make it a reason to reach great demand among people.

Looks at the Mercedes V class

There are many generations of Mercedes luxury MPV, and all of them are based on vito’sVito humble Van. The big facelift of Mercedes came in 2015 with a name change from Viano to V class.

Mercedes brand charges a lot for V class, so it is suggested to disguise the van origins with a stylish and prestigious car division. The more new version of Mercedes is available, the better it looks.

The basic shape of the Mercedes V class may be of the van, but now they are rounded, more purposeful ends like C class and tapered ends like E class. Some newest Mercedes V class models have LED headlamps, alloy wheels, and sleek roof bars.

There are two electricity sliding doors, and ambient lighting of three colors comes as the standard version. The filler of Mercedes V class is not in the back corner, but at low, by passenger doors.

What is it like to drive

It is big. It means that driving the Mercedes V class makes you feel intimidated. There are a few spaces that will not fit. Soon, you get used to it, though. Mostly,  driving the Mercedes V class feels like driving any other car.

The controls are precise and light, and the driving position is the same as the C-class van. It is comfortable and smooth for passengers. It is suggested to try this Mercedes V class with all-around optional cameras that helps you with tight spaces.

There is a choice available in powerful turbo diesel that drives the rear side wheels in the traditional way. A fully EQV electrical version was launched in 2020 and had a quote range of a total of 213 miles.

What is inside?

The Mercedes V class comes in different categories for carriers of people. It is in a sort of minibus category. Even the biggest carriers of normal people are full of 7 adults, and there is some luggage space left over. The V-Class is able to carry up to 8 easily and still leaves a lot of space for luggage.

V class comes in three different lengths  – long, extra long, and normal. Seven-seaters have many luxury swiveling-style seats in centered rows. Eight-seater versions come with a three-seat bench. In both versions, there are three seats in the rear side row.


All the seats in the Mercedes V class are of premium quality. The front heated seat has four-way support. Electric multi-adjustment is also an option. Middle low seats are the same, with cooling ventilation.