A Guide to The Modes of Transfer to Gatwick Airport A Guide to The Modes of Transfer to Gatwick Airport

A Guide to The Modes of Transfer to Gatwick Airport

Are you planning to go to London? But before you start to explore, you are required to determine how you will reach to airport from the hotel.

The Gatwick airport transfers ensure provide you with a smooth and hassle-free experience. Whether you choose a bus, train, or cab for transportation, they help you to meet your needs. There are three modes of transfer to Gatwick Airport you should know.

About Gatwick airport

The Gatwick Airport is situated at 47.5 km of central London. It is the second-largest international airport in the city. It features two furnished terminals, south and north.

Both terminals have several comforts, like off-site hotels, executive lounges, and game rooms for amusements.

Gatwick airport transfer by bus

The affordable method to travel from Gatwick Airport to Central London is by bus. Even though it is a less popular option than the train, it is twice as long. If you do not have enough time, taking the National Express is considered the better option according to the price.

National Express Coaches helps to connect Gatwick Airport and London Victoria and is available all day. After every 20 minutes, the National Express Coaches leave for Gatwick Airport, and it may take between 55 to 80 minutes to reach London.

Gatwick Airport Transfer by Easy Bus is considered a reliable and affordable choice. It provides a regular minibus shuttle service between London West Brompton and Gatwick Airport.

Gatwick airport transfer by train

There are 3 options available at Gatwick Airport Transfers by train. The Gatwick Express, Southern trains, and Thameslink trains are three options.

Gatwick Express

The most pleasant, fastest, and most expensive method of transportation between London City and Gatwick Airport is the Gatwick Express. Trains are called to leave after every 15 minutes. You can rapidly reach to train stations from Gatwick South terminal. Shuttles free are available from Gatwick North terminal. A drive will take near about 30 minutes to travel from Gatwick Airport to London.

Thameslink trains

Thameslink trains are almost as less expensive and quick than transfer to Gatwick airport. However, they take different paths in London. It has many steps that take a long time. It is considered a safe bet if you avoid London traffic and go somewhere inexpensive and reasonable. Ensure that the hotel is close to the stop on this line.

Southern trains

Although Southern trains travel the same route as Gatwick Express, getting to Victoria takes 15 minutes. As they are busy and expensive, it is suggested to avoid them if you are traveling to rush.

Gatwick airport transfer by cab

One of the efficient and safest ways to commute from or to Gatwick Airport is to go by cab. You should book the cab in advance. Booking a cab on time is good when you are in a hurry to reach the destination. You may get it or not at that time; no one knows. So, it is suggested to book the cab in advance and enjoys the hassle-free ride.


Choose a reliable company always, no matter whether you book the cab, bus, or train by transfer to Gatwick Airport.