9 Alternatives to Overpriced Rental Cars 9 Alternatives to Overpriced Rental Cars

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We always want to have a smooth and wonderful experience on road. Nobody wants to deal with traffic and unstable roads. When we think of renting a car we usually think of renting car companies. Sometimes relaxing on the back of the car seat and enjoying your drive without constantly focusing on the road might cost you more money than usual on rental cars but now you can easily hire any type of car at a cheap rate and without involving any middle person.

Why rental cars are so expensive?

Due to the rising demand for rental vehicles in the market, these car rental services are getting expensive. Another reason is technology, most of the people are not fully acquainted with the mobile application so that leads them to contact local car rental services and it lands them to pay more price than usual. The car rental companies invest a lot of money in buying and maintaining the vehicle. Their day-to-day cost is based on the type of vehicle. However, some alternatives might help you to save some money and choose a suitable vehicle.

Renting a car? These are the various alternatives to overpriced rental cars:

  1. Hiring Cheap chauffeur services these services are mostly cheaper than other car rental services, they provide better service at affordable prices. To experience royalty and luxury you should search for luxury chauffeur Car hire services. They also provide door-to-door service like other rental cars service.
  2. Zoomcar is a mobile application that allows users to hire self-driving cars, in this, the user gets to choose the type of car he/she wants to drive. This is very affordable as there is no need of hiring a driver. This app contains coupon codes that give you more discounts on payment.
  3. Ola & Uber these two mobile applications have come up with an up gradation in which the user can rent the car with a driver, earlier its was not possible in this application. You only need to select for how much time you are going to rent that car according to it shows you the price.
  4. Zipcar is a car-sharing application in which the user has to pay for a monthly membership plan in which the user can gain the ability to rent the car anytime whenever they want. At the selected time you can unlock the car and easily return it at the selected place without involving any middle person.
  5. Silvercar by Audi is a Contract less car booking application in which the car is delivered to your desired destination. Whenever you book a car you get an Audi. It provides up to 20% off on midweek car rentals.
  6. Turo Is a car-sharing company in which a car owner can rent out their car and earn money. You can easily hire any kind of vehicle at a very reasonable cost. It is best for entrepreneurs who need rented vehicles for their business.
  7. Getaround is quite similar to turo but in this, you can hire a car without any involvement of and middle man. You can book the car online and can pick it up from the designated place by unlocking the car through Bluetooth and at the time of delivery, you can park it anywhere like in parking or rentals.
  8. Sharing the drive you can save a lot of money by sharing your drive with another person who is going to the same place or location. You can hire a car and split up the fare between both of you. You can enjoy the drive as well as at a low price. But in this type of sharing you cannot get the experience of enjoying the drive alone.
  9. Using public transport is the cheapest alternative available in the market. You can easily reach your destination without paying more money. People have been using it for ages and most of the public transport is on time and it helps them in reaching the place on time. By using public transport like bus and train it becomes cheaper than all those rental car services but it doesn’t gives you the royalty or luxury experience like other luxury chauffeur car hire services.

Conclusion: Do your proper research before hiring any vehicle

The use of cars has increased rapidly however it is important to do proper research before hiring any vehicle. Research can help you to find the vehicle at your budgeted price and the type of vehicle you are looking for. Selecting a cheap chauffeur service can allow you to experience comfort at the least price. All the applications have different charges. Public transport is available for ages and people have been using it to reach their desired destination without paying more money. It has become very easy for the user to compare the prices through these alternatives and select the best alternative suitable for you.