7 Interesting Things You Should Know About The Crew Cab Transporter 7 Interesting Things You Should Know About The Crew Cab Transporter


What is a crew cab transporter?

The Volkswagen transporter has been available for us since 1950. Unlike the other transporter crew cabs, the VW transporter has always appeared as something more than the load lugger.

It is fun and cool and always brings a huge smile. You can use the crew cab transporter for fun, work, and the only restriction to fun is your imagination. No matter what you ask, the transporter will happily provide you with services.

The transporter can make your trips fast, according to your desires. Along with this, there are many good things about the transporter that you should know. Read the complete post to learn about everything you love about the transporter.

It is cool

The best thing about any car or crew cab is its functioning and evolvement into new features. The Volkswagen transporter is the best example of this. When the transporter is designed earlier, it has no plan to make its desire cool.

But now, this crew cab transporter is made the practical van. The coolness of the transporter is evolving continuously.

A lot of modifications

As we tell you, the transporter has been between us for a long time. Different types of people use it for their different work. The modification option of the transporter is growing continuously. Minibus, camper, van, all three are available at once in the form of a transporter crew cab.

The specialists

There is no need to spend all your money at a costly transporter dealer because it has an army of specialists ready and waiting to help you to look after, modify, or restore it, whether it is new or old.

The specialists of the transporter are more passionate with all types of knowledge of dealers that can only be dreamed of.

The way to drive

There is no need to set the land speed record in the crew cab transporter because it is already given. The best thing is that the transporter is in the modern form, and it is a delight to drive it. It is smooth, responsive, and light.


Modern transporters are re-mapped easily and also increase specific power. Airy and old-cooled models are moving one step further. There are conversion kits available that permit you to puts the turbocharged engines in the back. It means the transporter crew cab is the fast van.

Sound investment

Whether old or new, the transporter holds exceptional values and is considered better than its peers. Purchase the old transporter that requires some love, spend time and money to make the special, and you will certainly be worth your investment.

Design and pop culture icon

As the transporter is much cooler, you are not forced something to be an icon. It is a usual thing that is earned with time. The transporter has done it and is now available in classic design. The VW transporter pops into the head, especially in the case of air-cooled models.


All the above facts tell you why people highly love crew cab transporter. All the above information contributes to the characteristics and features of the transporter.